Monday, February 29, 2016

Thanks for the extra day

Its time to break the mold- and  figure it out on my own terms
So here it is, February 29th, the glorious extra day that we get every four years. What will you do with this extra day? Its been since novegebr since i've written a blog, and in December i had planned to start 2016 with a whole new me,  a person who is dedicated to consistency and ritual and a person who follows through on their goals. So far, it has been quite a fail. One of my goals was to have a better idea of what this space should look like and blog at least twice a month and yet its taken me two months to actually get started.

Lately I feel a little guilty, I've been lazy and I have allowed my self to come down harder on me than anyone ever has. This transition to adulthood has been a difficult experience. Its like someone flipped a switch and life instantly became a little more serious and a little bit harder. I am thankful for the fact that I was aware of how lucky I was to be floating in the land of non-seriousness for so long and I really made the most of it. But now I am at a crossroads- do I completely surrender immaturity in exchange for a smoother adult life? The older we get the more there is behind us, which leaves us so much room to pass judgement on our selves or others. Why has it taken me so long to start journaling again, how did I gain 20lbs and not notice and why can't I get motivated to work it off, why does my job seem so demanding, when will I start living the lifestyle that serves my well being the best, and it goes on and on. It seems i've come back my old aggressively negative nature, that I am sure is tied to stress and anxiety- but I keep on sending low vibrations and wondering why I feel so crappy.

How do we balance the things we want and the things we need? This is the ever lasting question that plagues me daily. How do I have fun, while still taking care of my self and the other things that need my attention to be a successful adult?

For the next year my plan is to answer this and many other questions, and my goal is to stream line this blog in to something that is consistent and one that provides readers with the results of my own research, and the lessons of my own struggles to get "it" together without losing my self in the process. A how-to manifesto of sorts! How can we use visualization/manifestation and the law of attraction to guide us to our happiness? How can daily meditation and yoga transform the way we see our selves and how we treat others? And how to get the hang of "adult-ing"? During this process I hope that I can find a way to let go of the past, let go of the judgement and use all of that extra space in my brain to flourish and be creative to find my highest calling.

So I am starting with today, one more chance- in fact and extra opportunity to start the rituals and the habits that will create enough structure in my daily life to give my brain a break and some freedom to explore the endless possibilities that the universe provides everyday. So it took me the month of January and 29 days of February to finally get started on this tarable adventure in 2016, I can't wait to see whats in store, once I shift from fear to love and start allowing my intuition to guide my path- knowing full and well that everything will be ok if I let it.

What will you do with your extra day for this year?

What would you like to read about here? Post a comment and let me know!

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