Thursday, September 17, 2015

Day in the life of a yogi in training: Day 1

Tonight is the eve of my first night of yoga teacher training at Happy-U. There is a mixture of ecstatic joy and sheer terror that accompanies my steady feeling of certainty knowing that my time has finally come. I have been dreaming of going through a teacher training for the last 5 years, but up until now I had been so unsure of my self and unwilling to commit to something so deeply. For years I floated in and out the yoga world, being deeply interested and holding the genuine desire to improve, yet my focus remained untethered and I had not settled into the idea that maybe I could actually teach  a yoga class someday.
I had always admired my instructors gentle tone and happy demeanor while in the same breath I'd wonder how long they could keep up the act. As with anything that you may seek a deeper understanding on, you find your self in a predicament in which you either chronically question what they're throwing down without experiencing it first  or you trust it and buy in to it.  There is a fine line between what I believe to be untrue and what I have yet to understand. I be decided to "drink the koolaide" so to speak and I signed my self up for a 200-hour yoga teacher certification course. There is no doubt in my mind tha yoga has transformed me; mind body and spirt completely. Doing yoga has massively elevated my wellbeing, I have reaped the benefits many times over and enjoyed an amazing path of transformation that lead me here and I cannot wait to uncover more about who that beautiful goddess is inside of me.

Here I find strength. Integrity. Self-love. Grace. Acceptance. The best of what I've got....

With an open mind and curiosity of the this amazing practice I have decided to dig a little deeper and uncover new ideas, feelings and emotions. I am so excited to be learning about something I love so much, it's like being given the opportunity to take a college elective course on candy making :)
I am a little nervous to be in a room full of people I don't know but even more concerned about being a subject of focus for people I do know (aka happy-u staff who all rock my world).  No matter how nervous I am though I know it's all going to work out great and I am going to have the time of my life.

Here's to taking chances!

Ever grateful,

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