Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall Into Yoga

After many years of committing, falling back, and recommitting to yoga I have come to a realization... I am a yo-yo- Yogi. There is no better way to put it.
 I love yoga! It ranks among my top favorite things to do anytime of day. I love the philosophy and the ancient teachings that have spanned across cultures and time while staying true to the heart of yoga. I adore the state of mind or attitude that everyone seems to carry so effortlessly as they pass you in the studio or at the park. My mind has been blown by the spiritual awakenings I have had on the mat; where the connection to myself is so close that I feel closer to my higher power. Of course there are the physical changes, that have not made me feel more beautiful but also gave me a strength I never knew I had.  I have gone through a transformation that started many years ago when I first hit the mat in college to the stop-drop-and-yoga addict that I am today, I think maybe the best part is that I still have so much to learn that I will never be bored, as long as I can commit.

When I first began my practice I got a unlimited month at Core power yoga near CU's downtown campus. I was taking the bus to and from home and I found this small yoga studio when it was in it's early phases near my bus stop. I'd been feeling very stressed and was dealing with anxiety turned into anger. I needed something. Fast-forward two weeks I was already feeling better, smiling more. I stuck with it for a few months and then moved to home practice which led to huge gap in between then and my next trip to the studio. Over the last 7 or 8 years I have committed and recommitted and failed and fell completely off track with my practice. It was to a point where I was scared to go into the studio because I felt like I had lost all flexibility.

There were so many times that I cried over how heavy or how out of shape I was. It was hard to work out, when your carrying 230lbs it seems like quite a feet of strength to lift your own body weight. But for a long time I felt ok in my own skin, not hating my self and doing what I could do assist in a healthier lifestyle but I was still lacking that deep personal motivation to be a better me. At the tail end of my college years I had managed to lose about 20lbs which helped me spring into the next phase.

Skip forward to my incredible journey to California. Not only was I truly in love with my new geography but I was inspired to be outside all the time! I found a group of friends who facilitated in my desire to be active and take full advantage of my outdoor playground and consistently sunny weather.

I began to find a natural rhythm in life, being active, eating healthier things that made me feel good and have more energy, and I finally found a space to find a deeper commitment to yoga.

After meeting my friend Josie and moving into the same neighborhood we found that one of our favorite things to do was yoga and together we would learn new things about the philosophy and the poses and would both collaborate in our personal little school of yoga.

We were then blessed to find Happy-U Namaste Yoga studio in our community right in-between our houses. We instantly fell in love,( read about this awesome place and my OB life here.)
Here in this studio, I found myself. 

I had stayed on track for a while going to the studio at least 3-4 times a week and partaking in my own self-loving version of running a mile or two every other day. In combination with my love of dancing at shows, hula hooping, attempted surfing and playing with my pooch on dog beach I've realized that the world is my gym and I can do this my own way. And I feel great! I'll give myself a little love and say that I am proud of my achievement, having dropped over 70lbs in the last 4 years.

So over my yoga life span, the gap between committed practice and otherwise has gotten smaller and less frequent. I have been trying to take the time and continue researching things about yoga, using resources on line and my awesome subscription to Yoga Journal. I recently started cutting out sequences, articles and even inspirational photos to put in my own yoga journal.

Ive been doing my best to stay focused, remembering that this is something I love to that helps me be the best me that I can!
"In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, exept yourself. "
                                                           Jiddu Krishnamurti

So I have decided to commit the entire month of October to growing in my practice, I have chosen to call it my Fall Into Yoga. My goal is to practice 6-7 days a week, even if its only for 20 mins or just a simple meditation. I also want to continue enriching my home practice by continuing to read up and check my resources online. I have been either taking or even just watching online classes at to assist with challenging poses or to find a sequence that fits into any time constraint. I'd also like to get back to my studio at Happy-U very very soon! I am going to try my best to track my progress with updates here and on Instagram at atarableadventure. #fallintoyoga

Root me on, inspire me, send me good vibes, join me! ~ all of which I will spread forth as well :)

So for now, 

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