Sunday, January 13, 2013

In search for the perfect christmas card photo

As easy as it is to set up the shot in my head, it never came out the way I planned and I am so glad. I've noticed that the harder I try to do something perfectly, the worse it looks and when I just go with it- it becomes such a unique moment. 

A Tri-pod at the dog beach is an incredibly risky move, considering that sand in your lens will most definitely ruin your day. Yet I somehow managed to find a situation I was comfortable with.
Setting a timer and running towards a dog is confusing to the dog-  Boston was beginning to be a bit of an obstacle as there were not many was to keep him from being distracted.

This is my absolute favorite shot from the whole day because we had set the timer and during the 10 second delay another dog had run to to visit us and then ran off causing this reaction right as the shutter clicked.

So glad that I can forever live that moment.

And then everyone once in a while you get lucky....

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