Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Snoozin' in San Diego

Well its about that time when I start thinking about my brand new scenario: a new state and hopefully a new job? Finding a job didn't seem like my first priority, as I thought for a second it would be easy.  But in these last few weeks, future finances dawned on me and I began to freak.

A few weeks ago, a friend and I made the journey to Fort Collins for a little northern Colorado stay-cation. After our hang-overs subsided or at least became manageable the decision for breakfast was at hand, to our delight good ol' Fo Co had a Snooze, AM Eatery right in the middle of old town. We walked in and to our dismay there was a wait. But within 10-15 minutes we were happy at the bar-top, with a cup of coffee and classic cartoons playing above the liquor bottles. To my surprise, Snooze has quite the libations menu from mimosas and killer bloody Marys to a "morning margarita". They have found a way to incorporate liquor and breakfast in a beautiful way. I gazed around the resturant with my "server eyes" (Those eyes of a server who looks for the 'little things' and judge with deep criticism) and noticed these things:
- These people wear cool pants...the uniforms are supa-fresh, no uniformity other than snooze swag shirts which are cool in their own right. 
- Wow, this place is packed and it's wednesday at 11:00. They must always been on a wait. They probably make hella-cash. 
-I love the cute retro-look of this place.
-woah they can wear whatever shoes they want....that guys wearing vans. 
- I wish I worked here, this place is pretty rad

After my careful observation I read their menu in attempts to curb my appetite for something to cure my rumbling tummy and read a cool story about how the concept of Snooze came about and learned that it is a colorado home grown and they are very Eco-friendly, they have awesome Guatemalan coffee exclusive to Snooze, and last but not least HOLY CRAP THEY HAVE A SNOOZE IN SAN DIEGO.

How awesome! Of course I immediately connected myself with the snooze in my future place of residence. At some point while chatting with the bartender, he told me to look up a guy in San Diego who worked at their Snooze location. So of course with great enthusiasm I went through channels of emails to find him and eventually got his email and sent an inquiry for employment.

Turns out he's a very cool dude from FO CO and opportunities are shining. Things seem very possible and I even had a chat with the manager at the Denver location-who told me that the Snooze in San Diego is not only Colorado proud but Colorado staffed as well, as a portion of the staff moved out there to open the location in San Diego. They are featured a ton on 5280, and an article here gives a little more details. 

So how bout that? I don't know if I could have designed this better my self. I feel that this might be fate, and I really hope to find myself working at a place in my new home that came  from my old home. What better way to bring home with you.  Sure the morning gig might be a tough adjustment from the late night shifts at the bar but it will get me on the same schedule as my guy, give me plenty of reason to go to sleep early and an excuse be to even more addicted to coffee. Plus I hear its not so bad going to happy hour with your co-workin homies at 3 and getting on with the rest of the day.

Being a restaurant server is not my ultimate goal in life, however it works for now. Any job is worth doing right and giving it all you can to make it lucrative, thriving, fun and enjoyable. I hope that this is my new adventure in the workforce. I look forward to new developments.  If not ya know, I gave it a shot- try try again!

Always be looking for those opportunities to present themselves, because once you follow the trail you may find that it leads to a well designed piece of work, that was a product of both your hard work and maybe just a little bit of "meant-to-be". 



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