Friday, February 24, 2012

Lose the fear...go big or go home

All to often we find ourselves falling short of our own expectations and in those failures we find and harvest more fear which in turn creates more obstacles to face in our daily lives. I am finding myself in those places again, feeling hopeless, lost and afraid of tackling the tasks a head of me. Its not an easy world, and no one ever told me it would be. Sure it's one thing to put out positive energy and love to those around me but putting that energy toward myself is not always an easy thing to do. Why do we punish our selves so much? It starts with one thing; whether its financial struggles, a stagnant career, an unhappy relationship, or anything else it starts with something and eventually you are drowning in a sea of problems and the waves just keep coming one right after another and there is no time to catch your breath. Well throw your self I life preserver, tell yourself that these problems are not unsolvable and catch the next wave and ride it. Maybe in saying this out loud, to the world, to you, to myself I can find a way through this mess. 

I have found inspiration in so many of the people in my life. Rarely to we realize that there is inspiration all around us and all we have to do is see it and it becomes real. Yesterday I watched a video featuring my little brother produced by Stage 5, a local snowboarding team. These guys are a mix and match of talents ranging from amazing videography and photograph, graphic design, and business sense to incredibly talented athletes who are striving to do what they love and make something wonderful out of it. I watched this video, this is nothing new watching my crazy young bro attack crazy rails and huge jumps. Every now again I flinch and close my eyes for fear he wont land the next jump but he does. His style is fluid and almost seems effortless. One thing about this kid; NO FEAR. He is unafraid and takes the risk to the limit to go bigger, harder, better. Its incredible. The passion and drive behind his skill is unmatched with anyone I know. Just a real world, concrete example of strength and determination.

I am going to look at my problems like one of those big air jumps a head of Jake that he faces head on and glides smoothly through as if there was no danger. Because striking fear into our hearts is how we start down the dark road and causes us to avoid our issues and run from them or we take the easier path that is well groomed and easy. But guess what? There is no easy road, there is no path we can take down which we will be guided and supported. We have to make our own path and face each obstacle as it comes no matter how scary it is.

Go Big or go home... it takes a whole new meaning to me now.

Looking forward to a better tomorrow.

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