Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Waiting for something to start

The last few days have been so so, just relaxing... maybe a little too much. Its tough to get motivated to get going when you don't have to be somewhere every day at 7. Transitioning from student teaching to normal life has been both really great and really crappy. I have become very lazy! I need to figure out how to get this train on it's tracks so I can be prepared for the move a head. It seems that things are at a stand still for a while- we can't find a place until it gets closer to may, we can't sell our stuff until garage sale weather, we can't get jobs until it gets closer to may. So for now...we wait.

Here is the "California move extraordinaire" stuff  I am stressin' about right now:
1. What am I going to do with my photography business? I am 100% positive that photography is something I want to do for a living, even if its a side job. I want to continue with my business but I am rather concerned about re-branding, finding new clients, establishing my presence in San Diego, and finding places to shoot (not that this last one will be difficult seeing that I will be in my tropical version of heaven.)
2. What CAN I do now that I am not doing? so many things most likely.
3. How do I really plan this out so that it is effective.

Any ideas? I'd love to hear some out-of-state moving advice!

Today I filled a huge trash bag up with about 30lbs of clothes to give away. I have had stuff in my closet that I have saved for when I get thinner and when I go there, or when I get this job, or blah blah...excuses...excuses for WAY TO LONG! Its about time I make room for the new. It feels so great to purge that much. I have massive amounts of room in both my dresser and closet now- which is excellent. My poor husband has had a spare room, a random dresser placed in an office, a mobile plastic dresser and many other methods of storing his clothes anywhere other than our room because my crap took control of the bedroom like a spreading disease. So good riddance and I hope they make someone else's day when they are purchased at the thrift store. It also feels really great to put on a pair of jeans that you could fit another person into. I have lost about 20lbs and really hope to get the motivation to drop another 15.  But that is a whole different story.

With a cautious yet excitedly thumping heart,

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