Friday, January 13, 2012

Rental HELL! OB Heaven!

Ok, I have until May to find a place to live out in San Diego, seems like a nice chunk of time to provide ample opportunities to find a suitable place to live right? Wrong! Because of our societies, "I want it now" persona there are no listed rentals for May yet, the are all for the current month. So I am probably going to have to wait until April to start looking for a place! I am really starting to worry. Plus finding a place that will be suitable for me, my hubby, and my 100lb dog is going to be difficult. I keep hoping and praying that everything will fall into line for us. It seems as if there are so many signs telling me that this is the right decision, but if we can't find a place- does that become the ultimate sign that its just not right?

--------------------------------------O C E A N   B E A C H------------------------
I really hope that we can find a place in Ocean Beach, in general it seems to be the most laid back area and a place that I can see my self in.

 Every Wednesday OB has a farmers market, where you can find some really FRESH fruits, veggies, flowers, and other delicious eats. Plus there are other vendors selling their art, jewelry, etc. I am pretty sure I can pawn off some of my art to a tourist or two. It would be nice to make some income for the work I do. In general, main street is a very lively, upbeat local to find cool stuff to buy and really yummy food.

Main street reminds me of any "Main street" I've seen. Old and New combine to create a functional piece of history that floats on a time line ebbing and flowing between modernity and posterity.

Every Wednesday, this street here closes down traffic for the farmers market. I love that there is a part of the community that you can truly count on every week. I need things like that in my life. Community.  I love community and I strive to throw my self into it.

Ocean Beach also boasts one of the longest piers on the west coast, which is pretty incredible. Standing out on the edge of the pier feels like a long way from the shore. It is in fact very beautiful out there and you could watch the surfers for hours out there.  This visit to the OB pier was my favorite part of the trip. I really enjoyed walking out along the long pier and making fun of all the weird birds trying to score some fish.

And like I said the view.... breath taking.

And the other part I really loved about OB, was the people. Sure you've got your vagrants but what paradise doesn't. Everyone in San Diego said oh yeah your an OB girl, due to my "hippie" nature. I am ok with that, not sure if I am the true hippie they think I am but I at the very least have a hippie heart.

We met these guys, who were traveling all over the west coast. They had just come down from
Portland. Cruisin' in a van and sleeping on the beach with their beagle, Wilbur. :(Super Cute):

And then there is Dog Beach..... quite possibly my favorite place in the world. Watching dogs run free on a beach is a thrilling experience. This is the first off leash dog beach in the United States, established in 1972. Our furry companions are meant to roam free and feel the wind in their hair. Nothing like seeing a dog who feels truly free, its a beautiful thing. 

Here's hoping I can find sanctuary in my hippie haven. If not I'll get damn close. No worries.
One Love,


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